Customer Service and Why Is It so Important

I would like to do my survey/project on the department for community based services and the whether or not the client has decent customer service while in the building. How does an actual customer to worker relationship work What are the dynamics behind customer service and why is it so important to meet the needs and wants of the individual/customer. How dose Kentucky??™s hands on approach differ from that of Florida which has a completely automated system for all of their community based services. The only automated service that Kentucky offers is unemployment and calling in your bi-weekly check. I would start the survey with some of the basic questions like asking the client their age, monthly income before taxes, house hold size composition, highest level of income, are they interested in furthering their education as well as their overall satisfaction of the offices customer service from the time they step in the door to the time they leave my office (all in brackets for easier statistics). The above basic questions would allow the researcher to best determine the different statistics that the office is dealing with on a normal basis. I know as a worker I personally all ages of life walk through the lobby and in to my office, ranging from single teenage mothers asking for help with their diapers and formula to the elderly who are looking to supplement their monthly social security check.
One of my main questions I would like to ask is; do you feel that your case is dealt with like a number or an individual Many time a day I over hear clients in the lobby talking to one another about how they do not like their case worker because he/she never returnes their calls or never takes care of case changes; or the worst of all they discontinue their case for little not know reason. What the clients do not know is the massive amount of training that is done in order to do just one program in the Department for Community Based Service (DCBS). Food stamp training alone is a five to six week training on just how to use the program that is not face to face contact with clients. Once out of training you must learn to ???sniff out LieBags as we call them??? some clients can tell when a worker is new and thinks they can take advantage of their stupidity.
Do you feel that your case is taken care of with compassion or for fear of losing a paycheck Many clients also feel like they are a number and or even cattle ready for auction. I have had many clients when I first started taking food stamp applications say that I did not care about them and/or had no compassion for them and their situation. Clients think that case workers make big money and have no clue what it is like to be on the other side of the desk and I do know how they are feeling. My husband and I were both fired at the same time and were stressing about how we were going to eat let alone pay bills. So until our unemployment kicked in we applied and received a month and a half of food stamps, when we called and activated our card and had over four hundred dollars to spend on food. I had no clue what to do/buy with that much money I had never budgeted that much a month for food, I was use to under a hundred and fifty dollars a month for food and drinks. I will tell my clients that I can relate to them and tell them that I too have been on food stamps and know what they are going through when previous workers lose their verifications or fail to keep their clients happy instead of just worring about how they are going to spend their next pay check. I want to know the statistics and whether or not our clients have decent customer service while they are in our office to apply for public assistance.

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