Dances with Wolves + Related Text

Through numerous texts, the outsider is constantly represented as a being whom sees too deep and too much of what society has been, what it is and what it will become. Within the film, Dances with Wolves, and the song, Where is the Love, this representation is all too relevant. These two texts, outline the outsider??™s overly critical nature towards society within a positive and negative light. However there is a fine line between these two texts when it comes to applying that critical thinking to bettering the ways of society by oneself. Therefore these two texts, explore the different levels the outsider represents by seeing too much and too deep.
Within the film, Dances with Wolves, the outsider becomes overly critical of white society to which it almost leads him to certain death. The notion of the outsider seeing to deep and too much in itself is a hazard to the outsider??™s wellbeing. Within the beginning of Dances with Wolves, a close-up of the bloody surgical utensils and a POV shot of Dunbar??™s broken foot, indicates the plight of our outsider. The impact of the moment indicates to the viewer how Dunbar, has seen and been through a lot within the civil war. The opening scene thus foreshadows both a change in heart and mind of our outsider, due to his experiences of seeing too much that in turn makes him think too deep. On reuniting with his ???outfit???, a soldier states, ???I sure dont wanna die out there with them cows???. Subsequently, mounts a horse, mutters ???forgive me father??? and charges towards the enemy in blatant suicidal attempt to escape his life and society. Though Dunbar lives, and is praised as a hero, his actions are results of him thinking too deep. Due to his past negative experiences within the civil war and through the soldiers statement, Dunbar sets his mind on ending his life to escape the negative conformities society has created. Therefore through the outsider, being Dunbar, seeing too much and thinking too deep of the war, he attempts to end his life; a feat concerned with one who bears too much on ones shoulders.
Relevantly, within the song composition, ???Where is the love??™, the outsider is defined as one whom is constantly critical of a decaying society, to which imposed mental stress upon him. Within the initial line, ???whats wrong with world mama???, the outsider is depicted as bearing so much thought and stress, he must consult a dead being to console himself. This stress is a result of seeing too much, ???People killin, people dyin, Children hurt and you hear them cryin???. Constant rhyme of ???killin…cryin…dying,??? emphasises the negative conformities as a result of a decaying society, perceived by the outsider. This in turn, affects the outsiders to think too deep and become constantly critical of society. ???Makin wrong decisions, only visions of them dividends,??? indicates the critical nature of the outsider due to constant deep thoughts. The allegorical nature of ???wrong decisions??? indicates the outsiders perception of a society that has made ???wrong decisions??™ at every turn, and thus its conformities have created a decaying outcome. These critical thoughts due to seeing too much, makes the outsider ???feelin down…feelin??™ under,??? a result of the outsider seeing too much and thinking too deep.

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